Tarek Waked

Founding Partner & Early Stage

Tarek has always been one to follow his heart and take risks in life, never waiting for someone else's permission to chase his dreams. He's drawn to big ideas that dare to make the world a better place, and he's constantly in awe of those who challenge the norm and never stop asking questions.

Growing up in a Lebanese family in Latin America before moving to the United States, Tarek was always eager to learn and grow. He attended Florida State University, where he studied International Affairs and Economics. This is where he got his first taste of entrepreneurship, using poker winnings from a summer trip in Europe to fund his first business venture. Although it didn't succeed, Tarek learned that failure isn't something to fear; it's just part of the process. He believes that society should back ambitious founders, even if they've stumbled in the past, because you can't hit a home run without risking a strikeout.

After university, Tarek began his professional journey as a licensed financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Eventually, he found his way back to Latin America, where he embraced the tech scene as a founder, investor, and mentor to numerous startups through an incubator he established.

In 2019, Tarek returned to the United States with a passion for investing in early-stage startups. It wasn't long before he spotted a massive opportunity in Space and DeepTech, which led him to create Type One Ventures. He saw the incredible potential in the increasing number of satellites, driven by lower launch costs and commercialization of components.

Tarek envisions a future where humanity achieves longevity escape velocity and explores the cosmos. As a Founding Partner at Type One, he's committed to working with companies that propel us towards a Type One Civilization. He's convinced that soon enough, every business on Earth will be connected to space in one way or another.

Today, Tarek sits on the board of Space Forge, an in-space manufacturing company, and Gravitics, a gravity-enabled space station company. Through his work, he hopes to make a lasting impact on humanity's journey through the stars.

“Working in venture allows me to do what I feel I am best at and what I am passionate about. I’ve always been a firm believer in pursuing your passions so if I can help others do the same then I’ve done what I wish with my time on this earth.”


  • Leadership
  • Investments
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Securities
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Public Relations
  • Venture Capital
  • Strategic Planning

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