Sanjeev Gordhan

General Partner

After successfully transitioning from his initial entrepreneurial venture, Sanjeev has dedicated himself to guiding and empowering numerous startups across diverse sectors. His expertise spans from nurturing micro-enterprises to scaling businesses on a global scale, actively contributing to their operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Building upon his extensive background in financial services, where he navigated private capital markets, Sanjeev delved into space investment in 2016; where he unlocked private pension investments for early-stage Space technology. Over the past eight years, he has honed his focus on deep-tech investing, leveraging his multifaceted experience to identify and support cutting-edge ventures.

Sanjeev's journey is enriched by his pursuit of knowledge, culminating in an executive MBA from CASS Business School. Currently, he serves as a pivotal member of the board at North Invest and contributes his insights as a committee member for the EIS Association, further enriching the startup ecosystem.

“Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family, I have always been keen to understand how different businesses work; from commercial development through to organizational behavior. This led me to complete a research project on “How behaviors and personality traits affect the success of an entrepreneur”as part of my MBA. I feel Venture capital is the idea role to tap into all of my experience and drive to support entrepreneurship.“

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