Gustav Spangberg

Senior Associate

Gustav graduated from the University of Southern California with a major in business administration and a summa cum laude honors recognition.

Throughout his undergraduate studies, he took the approach of diversifying his internship experiences – wanting to get a taste of everything in order to build confidence in what he enjoys the most (totaling 8 internships across a variety of industries). This path eventually led to venture capital, where he was exposed to the visionary promises of the future, exercised both qualitative and quantitative critical thinking, and felt a purpose in supporting the technologies of tomorrow. Early-stage exposure to the innovations that could positively disrupt entire industries is what excites him most.

Gustav is someone who enjoys learning, whether that be a new skill or understanding more about the world. Subsequently, he gets very passionate about the particular thing he is working on. This passion has led him to develop skills that range from playing various musical instruments and performing close-up magic to avidly reading and traveling. This passion is also gets compounded by his goal-oriented nature. He structures his work with daily, weekly, and yearly task-specific goals. This system holds him accountable and specifically outlines his criteria for success. 

When not doing his typical diligence and sourcing work, he finds one of his largest passions in music. Whether it’s playing an instrument (drums or guitar) or seeing it live – music keeps Gustav grounded. He has seen over 100+ shows over the past couple of years!

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